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Spoilers: Monday (As if you couldn't guess )

Summary: What happened before the episode began

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by Mary Kleinsmith -

Mulder's lips scarcely moved, but it was enough to compel Scully to lean down closer to the head cradled in her lap.

"When you find . . . Samantha . . ." he stammered. "Tell her . . . . I tried . . . and I loved her."

"Mulder, don't talk like that," Dana responded to his use of the past tense. She heard the crack in her voice but didn't care. "You're gonna be fine. I'm going to get you out of here if it's the last thing I do." She felt the his head turn slightly in her arms, the movement from side to side barely perceptible.

"No. . . . don't risk . . . don't . . ." His eyes, so far obstinately remaining open drifted shut, and a shiver went through Dana.

"Mulder, no!" She rubbed his cheek until the lids finally arose again. "You're not getting out of this budgetary committee meeting that easily."

Mulder was silent, too weak to speak again for a few minutes. Each second that dragged by cut at Scully. She strained to keep the tears from falling. Finally, he moved his lips again with the faintest of smiles. "So tired . . . . just couldn't . . . get used to . . . . bed . . . pajamas . . ." The last word was more of a breathless sigh.

"So why did you get it? You've never wanted one before."

"Didn't get it . . . found it . . . I tried . . . be normal . . ." Found it? She'd have to be sure to ask him about that when he was well again. If he was ever well again.

"You were trying to be normal? Mulder," she said, her voice catching, "if you were like everybody else, you just wouldn't be you." This time, a pair of tears did escape, joining to moisten her lips as they fell.

"Thought . . . if I was . . . you . . ." he hesitated, and she somehow felt that it was more than just weakness this time. Finally, he continued. "You . . . might love me . . . I loved you, Scully," he concluded with a breathless sigh.

"Oh, Mulder," she wept openly, cradling his head closer to her chest. She whispered into his ear. "Don't you know by now that I love you, too?" He stirred slightly. Encouraged, she went on. "We're going to get out of this, Mulder. I'll save us, and you'll be fine. We're going to stop this verbal fencing, I promise. We'll be together just like I've always wished." Her tone had changed from one of comfort to confession. "I'll love you the way you deserve to be loved, Mulder. The way you've always deserved to be loved."

That got his attention. "Not on . . . waterbed . . . okay? I get . . . seasick . . ." Scully chuckled at the incredible stamina of this man.

"Whatever you want, Mulder. How about my bed? And you can wear what you want, too, although I have to admit that, in pajamas, you may be overdressed." She couldn't believe she was saying these things to her partner. Or, more precisely, that she was saying them like this. She wanted to say them with the sensuality that befit them, but all she could feel was remorse. If it gave him the will to fight, though, then she'd say the words. "But for that to happen, Mulder, you've got to hang in there."

"I'll do . . . my best . . ." At that, he went limp in her arms, although his eyes were still open. Their conversation had worn him out, although it had been necessary and far overdue. It wasn't moonlight and roses, but for them, it was par for the course.

Trying her best to put on a strong face, she looked up at the bank robber. "You're in charge here, you know. It doesn't have to end like this."

"Yeah, it does."


. . . . . . . . . . . And the rest is television history