Redux of Love

By Mary Kleinsmith (

Episode: Redux II

Summary: He almost lost her, and he doesn't want to risk it happening again

Category: Post-ep, MSR

Rating: PG

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Author's Notes: Okay, this is going to by syrupy and sappy, but I couldn't resist, and I couldn't quite move on to anything else until I could get it out of my head. The words Scully and Mulder write are based on lyrics from a Celine Dion song, but I don't really consider this a songfic. Oh, and while this has quite a bit of romance in it, I really didn't intend to write it as a Valentine's Day piece, I swear!

Written for After the Fact's episode challenge

Redux of Love

By Mary Kleinsmith

Scully's cancer was in remission, and Mulder was happy beyond words. He'd come to realize when he nearly lost her that not having her in his life was unthinkable. And he didn't want her just as a partner anymore. It was time he said the words . . .


As soon as the doctor declared her immune system fully functional, the flowers began. The cards were never signed, and nobody ever tried to take credit for them. But each morning she awoke to a new bouquet of red carnations. She had her suspicions, as did her mother she knew, but they never talked about it.

Visitors came and went, all gleeful at her miraculous recovery, and they doled out the information with an eyedropper rather than with a serving ladle. Father McCue was not told about the mysterious implant, Skinner was not told about the methods Mulder used obtained it, and Bill was not told that Scully's biggest suspicion - and hope - was that the flowers came from her partner.

Since carnations were notoriously long-lived, the room soon began to overflow with the aromatic blooms. Sometimes, Scully would ask the nurses to take some to the other patients, especially ones that had none of their own, only to have the space they'd occupied filled once again the following day.

She'd found a new lease on life, and she was admittedly enjoying it. Finally, after more than a week, her mother and Bill arrived to take her home.

"So, are you ready for the big day, dear?" Maggie asked.

"You have no idea!" Scully said. "Did you bring my clothes?"

Maggie handed her a bag, which Scully grabbed from her before jumping from the bed.

"Hey, take it easy!" Bill exclaimed.

"I appreciate your concern, Bill, but I'm fine. Now how about if you protect my modesty by finding the doctor with my release papers while I change my clothes. I really hadn't planned on giving a floor show."

Bill sighed, smiling. "Okay, point made. I'm going."

"Thanks," Scully said as he closed the door behind him. Scully carefully laid the articles of clothing out on the bed. Somewhere between her shirt and her socks, the gleeful look faded from her face, replaced by one of disappointment.

"What's wrong, Dana?" Her mother, of course, had noticed.

"Nothing - everything is great," Scully responded unconvincingly.

"Baby girl, I know that face. You may as well tell me."

Scully sighed, sitting on the bed. "It's just stupid to be so upset over such a minor thing."

"If you're upset, then that automatically makes it NOT a minor thing, in my opinion."

"I guess that's true. I was just . . . I wanted . . . okay, I was looking forward to having Mulder being with us when you all took me home."

Maggie's face took on an understanding expression. "Oh, Dana. He wanted to be here, too, and I did invite him, but with Bill here and all, he decided it would be more peaceful if he visited you later, after all the commotion was over."

"You mean, after Bill left, right?" Scully smiled. "I know that Bill isn't a big fan of his, and Mulder probably sensed that."

Maggie knew that Bill and Mulder had had a confrontation, and had actually heard what had been said, but knew it wasn't her place to interfere. Her heart had broken for Mulder; Bill had laid some things on his shoulders which he had no right to put there. Since then, Maggie had gone out of her way to assure Fox, by her actions rather than words, that her son's sentiments were not shared by the rest of the family.

"Once we get you home and settled in, you can call Fox and he can stop over to see you. I know it's not the same, but if you want to avoid putting Fox and Bill in the same place at the same time, it might just have to do. Besides, I'm sure he'd rather spend some time with you alone, anyway." Maggie's eyebrows rose, inciting a blush in her daughter.

"Mom, you know it's not that way between Mulder and me. We're friends and partners, and that's enough for us."

"Is it, Dana? Is it enough for you? And are you so sure it's enough for Fox?"

Scully looked thoughtful for a moment, then, instead of answering, began to dress. "I'm tired of being sick, and sick of being tired, Mom. Let's go home."

Happily, the drive seemed short, and the sun, bright and warm on her face. She was free and healthy. And she knew, in her heart, that it was al due to Mulder. Her mother was right - she'd call him when she got home and the coast was clear. They needed some one-on-one time. Were long overdue for it, actually.

The thought of how she would get into her locked apartment hadn't occurred to her until Maggie pulled out her key ring. Over the past few weeks, she'd been too busy fighting her illness to worry about a minor thing such as where her keys, coat, briefcase, and the like went when she'd passed out during the meeting. She knew now, as she should have all along, that Skinner would have made sure they were safe.

"Mom, please, let me," she said, holding out her hand. It had been so long. . .

As ready as she was to be home, she wasn't prepared for the welcome home she received. Every horizontal surface held a vase of red carnations. The largest adorned the dining room table, just inside her doorway.

"Oh!" was all she could say, taking in the lushness of it all. Coming up behind her, her mother, and then Bill, were shocked at the extravagance. "Who could have . . ."

Spying a white envelope beside one arrangement, Maggie pointed it out. "Looks like you're finally going to find out."

She was uncertain as she approached the table and took the envelope in hand. The front of the card held a vase of flowers amazingly similar to the one in front of which she stood. Inside, she found Mulder's unmistakable scrawl. . .

"I know you've always thought I was crazy,

And maybe I dream too much

But when I think of you, I long to feel your touch

To whisper in your ear words that are old as time

Words only you would hear, if only you were mine

"I wish I could go back to the very first day I saw you

Should've made my move when you looked in my eyes

'Cause by now I know that you'd feel the way that I do

And I'd whisper these words as you'd lie here by my side

"I love you, Scully, and hope you say you love me too,

These three words, they could change our lives forever

And I promise you that we will always be together

Till the end of time"

Scully, if you don't feel the same, we can forget I ever sent this letter, and go back to the way things were. Just know that you are the most important thing in my life. I love you, Fox Mulder.

Scully was stunned. And totally silent.

"Dana, are you okay?" her mother asked, laying a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she answered distractedly. "I'm sorry, Mom, Bill, but I need to be alone. I promise to call you in the morning, okay?" Without waiting for their acceptance, she began to guide them to the door.

"But, Dana . . ." Bill began, but before he could go on, Maggie took him by the arm and silenced him with a squeeze.

"We'll talk to her tomorrow, William." There was no arguing with Margaret Scully when she used their full names, and Bill knew it.

"Goodnight, Dana," he muttered. "I'll be at Mom's if you need anything. Just call. Any time."

"Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Bill. I love you."


Mulder couldn't seem to keep from thinking about what Scully was doing on her trip home. Lying here on the sofa, he couldn't help but feel he should be there with her. It was his place - where he felt he belonged. But he couldn't go there until SHE wanted him there. And now that he'd taken the first step, it was all up to her.

He picked up the telephone receiver again, listening for the dial tone, then checked to be sure his cell was on and functioning. He had to be available in case she called. Would it be better if she did, or if she waited until he saw her for her first day back at work in the morning? He found he didn't want to wait that long. But he couldn't go over there and push her any further.

The television was turned, on but muted . He wanted to take no chances that he would not hear the telephone ring. As daylight faded into night, the only light source in the room became the late-breaking newscast as it cycled repetitively on CNN. Although it was still fairly early, he was just dozing off when there was a rapping on his door.

Could it be her? No, don't get your hopes up, he told himself. It's probably the landlord. Or a neighbor. Or somebody here to drag him off to Capitol Hill or into the street to be beaten or stabbed. Absolutely anything.

When he opened his door, though, the threat was purely emotional. "Hi, Scully." He gave her a crooked half smile, wondering what was coming next.

She didn't speak.

He looked at her quizzically, and after a long few seconds, she silently produced an envelope from behind her back. Taking it from her, stunned, he turned it over. On the flap she'd simply written, "I hope this finds a way into your heart . . ."

Like there was any doubt. She was already IN his heart, and a silly Hallmark greeting card wasn't about to change that. Should he open it here, standing in the doorway, or invite her in? He searched her face, trying to see what she had in store for him, but she was revealing absolutely nothing tonight. Not in her face and most definitely not in those oh-so-communicative eyes.

If this was a let-down . . . a let's be friends card . . . staying in the doorway would at least provide a barrier he could put between her and his feelings once it was out in the open. So he stood there on the threshold and ran a finger under the envelope's flap.

The card's front was covered in red flowers. Some were carnations, but others were roses, or mums, or zinnias, or poinsettias. It was a sea of red petals. Inside, Scully's neat handwriting transcribed the same words he'd written into the card he'd left in her apartment. . .

"I love you, and hope you say you love me too,

These three words, they could change our lives forever

And I promise you that we will always be together

Till the end of time

"Maybe I need a little love, and maybe I need a little caring

And maybe I need someone to touch and hold me

If you do, too, just reach out, and I'll be there.

"I love you, Mulder. Love, Scully"

Stunned, he slowly closed the card, carefully sliding it back into it's paper home. Was this really happening? He wasn't allowed to doubt for long. Scully raised a hand to touch his arm.

"I sent my mom and Bill home. They're great, but there's only one person I want to spend my first night home with. He kept me alive and fighting during the worst times of my sickness, and now, he's going to keep my heart alive so that I can give it to him entirely." And with that, she pulled his head down and joined her lips to his.

For a moment, he stood without response, then a smile grew on his face. The woman he loved was alive, and healthy, and, thank God, was kissing him! She could be kissing any man in the world and she was here with him.

Suddenly, it was all perfect. Her cancer was in remission, and she loved him. There was nothing he wanted more than these two little things, and now he had them. But he needed to say something first!

Before he could, she withdrew from him, a gentle smile on her beautiful face. "How'd you like to spend a quiet evening at home with the woman who loves you?" She said with a grin.

"I think the patient needs to be admitted for close observation," Mulder said. And with two steps forward, he swept her into his arms and carried her into Apartment 42 - using a foot to close the door behind him with a resounding BANG!

The End