The Way Home

By Mary Kleinsmith (

Episode: Blessing Way

Summary: Mulder and Mom have a post-resurrection chat

Category: Post-ep

Rating: PG

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Written for the After-the-Fact Blessing Way challenge.

The Way Home

By Mary Kleinsmith

"Before you go, Fox," Mulder's mother said. "Tell me. Who is Dana Scully?"

Mulder stopped in his tracks, surprised. "Mom, where did you hear that name?"

"She was at your father's funeral today. She came up and introduced herself to me. Who is this woman, Fox? Who is she that you would contact her before me to let her know you were still alive?"

She was clearly upset, and defensive . . . could she be jealous? It confused him.

"Mom, I don't understand. I haven't talked to Dana. Not since before I . . ." he just couldn't say it yet. "Before I went away. What do you mean, I told her first?"

"She knew," was all she said, but when Fox didn't respond, she felt the need to spell it out. "She knew you were all right, in spite of what the Bureau told me. She came to me after the funeral and said she had a 'very strong feeling' that you were going to be found okay. So who is she?"

"She's my partner, Mom. For the past three years. But I haven't contacted her because I didn't want to endanger her life."

"Well then, she's become psychic because she knew." The bitterness in her tone wasn't strong, but he heard it all the same.

"What bothers you most about her, Mom? That I'd have a friend who cared enough about me to not believe reports of my death, or that there's somebody in my life who I haven't told you about?" He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He didn't want to fight with her now. Not after coming so close . . .

Suddenly, Teena Mulder saw what she was doing. She had no desire for a confrontation, especially after nearly losing her only child. "Oh, Fox," she half-laughed, half-cried. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to sound like that. At the time, she just told me you worked together. I figured it was wishful thinking on her part. She didn't say you were partners."

"I can't explain what she told you. But I can't say I'm sorry you finally got to meet her." Fox looked at her shyly, but she saw something in his eyes.

"You've had partners before, Fox, and you've never introduced me to even one of them. Not even that horrible woman a few years ago."

"Well, Scully is . . . special. She's nothing like me. We're opposite, yet alike. Two different ends of the spectrum."

"She's a very lovely young woman . . ." Teena added, thinking out loud. "You've never dated a redhead before."

Mulder sighed deeply. He knew his mother wouldn't understand. "We're not dating, Mom! We're partners and friends, we enjoy each other's company, but that's it."

"Then don't you think you should be telling HER that you're still among the living? I don't mind if you want to use the phone."

"This is one announcement that should be made in person, I think. She probably wouldn't believe it if I called her!" He chuckled. "She's not one to believe very easily."

Silence fell between them, each looking at the other affectionately. Their relationship wasn't always comfortable or as loving as Scully's was with her own Mom, but they loved. In their own way, they loved.

"So, do you think you can stay for a bit? You haven't visited in so long . . ."

"I'm sorry, Mom. I can't stay, but I promise to come back for dinner sometime soon. I need some information before I go, though. Information that could save my life."

"Maybe you can bring Dana along," she said, watching as he blushed and choosing to let him off the hook. "What could I possibly give you that would be that important?" she asked, confused. "I love you, but I'm not sure I can help you on whatever this is. Look, you're tired and dirty, and it looks like you've slept in those clothes. Why don't we talk while you get cleaned up, I'll get some of your old clothes that I have stored in your room, and we'll see what I CAN tell you."

Mulder looked embarrassed, not sure how to explain the situation or his belief, despite everything, that what Albert Hostein said was true. Deadly true. "I'm sorry, Mom. I can't explain, but I can't really do that yet. It's a medical thing. But . . ." he thought what he wanted most. "You wouldn't happen to have a spare toothbrush and some toothpaste, would you?"

"I think I can manage that," Teena Mulder said to her son, leading him by the hand to the downstairs bathroom. "But are you sure I can't interest you in a quick shower? You really need it, I'm afraid." She smiled warmly. She wouldn't push it, but she had to offer.

"All I need are some answers, Mom," he said as he put a gob of toothpaste on the brush, squeezing from the center of the tube, and shoving it into his mouth. "That's all I've ever needed."

The End.