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Last Update: March 13, 2002

29 to 36

Scully's Birthdays, through the X-Files years. I just knew he didn't forget. .

Amanda's Glory

Any child with Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as parents is definitely going to be special - but nobody suspects just how special.

Amanda's Heart

More adventures with Mulder, Scully, and a very special baby

Amanda's Identity

Mulder's thrilled, Scully is shocked, and Amanda just can't figure out what the big deal is.

Among the Ashes

Continuation of the episode The End. Mulder's calm couldn't last forever.

Betrayal and Absolution

Scully's fate after her decision regarding her son is something she never expected.

Between Saviors

An especially bad case of the holiday blues plagues a very despondent Mulder

Chain of Love

Missing Scene from Alone. Scully seemed more than a little insensitive to Mulder's feelings. How does that make Mulder feel?

Christmas, Mulder Style

How did Mulder spend all those Christmases alone? He finally decides to share with Scully.

Clarity of Vision

Mulder faces the ramifications of a deadly attack


When the agents discover a man who can make people dream whatever he wants, will they have the strength to stop him? Especially written for VS9

Encounter with the Undead

An acquaintance from the past comes back to haunt Mulder and threaten his happiness with Scully. (No, it's not a ghost!) Especially written for VS10


Mulder and Scully continue to evade the Blue Beret Crash Retrieval Team.

Family Matters

What do you do when somebody you love unconditionally is in danger?

Filling the Gaps

Just what the title says. Missing Scene(s) for Demons

Getting Out of the Kitchen

When a heat wave hits the east coast, working in the basement isn't always the most comfortable place to be

A Gift for Christmas

Everybody's been wondering what Scully and Mulder's gifts were to each other. This is just my take on it. Continuation of The Ghosts who Stole Christmas

His Best Foot Forward

Mulder suffers a most embarrassing accident, but it's even more embarrassing for Scully

How Did She Know?

How did Scully know that Morris Fletcher wasn't really Mulder?


Mulder ruminates on his life

Mulder's Tail

Missing Scene for Small Potatoes. How Mulder got from the Locker room to the closet, and then from the closet to Scully's apartment.

Not Just Another New Year's Eve

Last year, Mulder and Scully had their first kiss on New Year's Eve. How will they manage to top it this year, now that the real new Millennium is arriving?

Night of Silence

After the gifts are opened, Scully feels a need to talk. Can Mulder stand what she has to say? (Post-ep for How the Ghosts Stole Christmas)

Once Upon a Time . . .

MulderAngst and his thinking just a little too much

Part of the Whole

Sometimes music can say more than mere words


A misunderstanding over the naming of Baby William sparks conflict in the Scully household

A Perfect Summer's Evening

I think I'll let you figure it out . .

A Perfect Summer's Evening II: A Male Perspective

Mulder's Impression of Scully's Plan


What happened before the episode Monday began

Pushed Beyond the Limit

Post-Ep for Pusher. Scully worries about Mulder after the shootout

Redux of Love

Post-Ep for Redux II. He almost lost her, and he doesn't want to risk it happening again

Reunion in a Small Town

Scully & Mulder's enjoyment of a High School Reunion is Interrupted by Mulder's propensity for getting sick

Seeds of Change

Mulder and Scully once again don't agree on food

Seeds of Trust

Missing-Scene(s) for the Pilot. Building trust is no easy task, but our agents are up to it

Shadows of the Past

Why Mulder seems to change his opinion about Bogg's psychic abilities, just at the same time as Scully regains her disbelief.

Shadows of the Past 2: The Forgotten Summer

A forgotten time in the partners' lives is remembered

Some Things

Scully's thoughts after she awakens in Mulder's apartment (Post-ep for all things)

Something to Talk About

When Scully gets fed up with the rumors at the Bureau, she decides to really give people something to talk about

Squeeze Play

Mulder has a very important first meeting with AD Skinner.

Thank You

Mulder realizes that a friend like Scully shouldn't be taken for granted

The Way Home

Mulder and Mom have a post-resurrection chat. Missing Scene from Blessing Way

A Traditional Mulder Thanksgiving

When Scully is at loose ends on Thanksgiving, Mulder treats her to a look at his past.

Winner and Still Champion - Not!

Post-Schizogeny. Mulder's pulled out of the mud - you didn't really think he was okay, did you?

The Woman in Black

Does Scully really like black that much?

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